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Driveways and Walkways

pressurewashing concrete walkway quakertown

Many people ask “Will pressure washing damage concrete?” and “Will pressure washing ruin my driveway?”. The answer is yes, it can. Pressure washers are extremely powerful, and even the consumer models which can be purchased or rented at home-improvement stores can damage most surfaces when used improperly.

 When concrete is poured, the materials seperate and settle. A tool called a “bull float” is used to push down the aggregate (large pieces of rock), which pushes the concrete paste to the top of the mixture, where it then dries and forms a “cream coat”. Think of the concrete as a cake, and the cream coat as the frosting. The cream coat is what gives concrete it’s beautiful, uniform, and finished look. This coat is extremely easy to damage with improper technique, and once it is damaged or removed, there is no way to get it back!

dirty slate walkway
clean written into sidewalk

 HydroBrite uses an expert combination of appropriate pressures, non-toxic detergents and solvents to remove mold, mildew, grease stains, and dirt from your concrete floors and walkways, leaving a fresh, bright surface for you and your family to admire.